FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters - Lausanne

At the end of August, a basketball tournament took place in the city I live in: the 3x3 World Tour. I didn't know about it but it was the second straight year this competition stopped by Lausanne, Switzerland. I'm a big fan of basketball and thanks to my brother, I had the opportunity to get an access pass and I could shoot the show from prime locations! Comparing to my previous basketball shots, the challenge here was the light: a mix between ambient and artificial light (especially in low light conditions). My DSLR showed its limits in terms of ISO usage but overall I was pretty satisfied with the results (ISO 3200 and 4000 for most part).

I had to post-process each shot differently as the colors were too saturated in some part of the players' body. It was a lot of work but I think I learned a lot in terms of attitude and settings during the shooting and in terms of post-processing.

Let me know what you think, it's the best way for me to improve my skills. :)


Un tournoi de basket organisé par la FIBA à Lausanne a eu lieu à la fin du mois d'Août : le 3x3 World Tour. C'était la seconde année consécutive que cette compétition était organisée dans cette ville. Grâce à mon frère, j'ai pu obtenir un pass et accéder à des emplacements privilégiés pour shooter. Par rapport à mes précédents shooting basket, la difficulté était la lumière : un mix entre lumière naturelle et artificielle (en particulier en conditions de faible luminosité). Mon reflex a montré ses limites en termes de gestion des hauts ISO mais j'étais tout de même très satisfait du résultat global (ISO 3200 et 4000 pour la majorité des photos). J'ai dû traité chaque photo de manière différente car les couleurs étaient trop saturées sur certaines parties du corps des joueurs. 

Ce fut beaucoup de travail mais j'ai beaucoup appris en termes d'attitude et de paramètres pendant l'évènement et aussi en termes de post-traitement.

Dites-moi ce que vous pensez du résultat final, c'est le meilleur moyen pour moi d'évoluer. :)


SLR Lounge Preset System: a workflow accelerator

As a hobbyist photographer, I want to spend more time to live and shoot instead of post-processing my shots all night long. And I found a way to do so with the SLR Lounge Preset System (

What this set of Lightroom presets does is accelerate my post-production workflow. Indeed, a lot of adjustments and effects are available in one click only: if I want to convert my image to black and white, if I want to add some grain or if the exposure is too dark, a simple click will give me the look I'm after. Thus, process an image will take me a couple of minutes instead of dozens. It works for me because there is some images I don't want to spend to much time processing (family/friends or vacation shots for example).

And when I really want to process an image in a specific and deeper way, the SLR Lounge Preset System gives me a working basis, something I can rely on to achieve the look I want to give to my image.

how it works:  once I imported my images and open the Develop module, I can choose between different styles you want to give to my photo. It's a kind of guideline as each step is numbered. 

Once I'm done with the style, I can adjust some settings like Exposure, Noise or Vignetting.The results can be really nice in minutes:

I can finish my work in Photoshop if needed. 

The other great thing about the SLR Lounge Preset System is that it comes with video tutorials about how to use it and how to configure and optimize Lightroom and its catalog. A set of pictures are also available so that every owner can practice. This one is awesome especially for those who are new to the software (but everyone can learn a lot from these videos anyway).

I find this tool really helpful for those who already know Lightroom but also for beginners: it allows them to check what adjustments have been made and this way they can try and inspire themselves with something new. 

I can only recommend you to have a look at it. :)

My first assignment / Mon 1er shooting

Ok, I've been away for months now and it's time to get back to blog work. 

Last year I showed interest to portrait and sport photography. After discussing it with a friend of mine, he told me about one of our friend's project. It was a commercial photography assignment as the guy wanted to have models wearing his sportswear clothes. So we all get in touch and we agreed to meet and have a shooting session.

As it was my first time with models and people I did not know, I was stressed and afraid no to know how to direct them. Well I was lucky as some of them did modeling before and I have an idea of what my friend was expecting from this shooting. The scenario was pretty simple: athletes in a gym. I only had to manage the light and direct them the way I wanted them to act. They were very responsive, there was a good energy from both the models and I. Everything went well and by the end of the day I was as satisfied of this first try as my friend was. :)


J'ai été absent pendant quelques mois maintenant et il est temps de recommencer à bloguer. 

L'année dernière, j'ai recentré mes centres  d'intérêt pour le portrait et la photo sportive. Après en avoir discuté avec un ami, il m'a parlé d'un projet de l'un de nos amis. Il s'agissait d'une commande pour photographier des modèles portant ses vêtements de sport. Nous avons pris contact et avons convenu d'une date pour la séance de prise de vue. 

Comme c'était ma première fois avec des gens que je ne connaissais pas, j'étais stressé à l'idée de ne pas savoir comment les diriger. Mais j'ai eu de la chance que certains d'entre avait déjà posé avant.  J'avais aussi une idée assez précise de ce que mon ami attendait. Le scénario était assez simple : des athlètes dans une salle de fitness. Je n'ai eu qu'à gérer la lumière et diriger les modèles. Ils ont été très réactifs et à l'écoute. Il y avait une bonne énergie durant cette session. Tout s'est bien passé et à la fin de la journée j'ai été satisfait du résultat (surtout pour une première) et mon ami aussi. :)

Quelques ajustements... / Some adjustments...

"Tiens, il écrit en français maintenant ?" vous direz-vous en lisant ce post (enfin si vous le lisez ^_^). Oui, j'ai décidé de faire quelques ajustements suite à un petit sondage que j'ai fait auprès de mes amis. Je leur ai demandé ce qu'ils pensaient du site en toute objectivité. La première choses qui est ressortie est bien la langue du site et du blog. 

Effectivement afin de toucher un plus grand nombre de personnes, j'avais décidé en lançant ce blog de l'écrire en anglais bien que ce ne soit pas ma langue maternelle. Mais après réflexion et suite aux remarques de mes amis, j'ai décidé de changer mon fusil d'épaule. Du coup, je vais tester la rédaction en mode bilingue et verrais si ce format est satisfaisant (pour moi car cela m'oblige à prendre le temps d'écrire à double mais aussi pour les futures lecteurs).

J'en ai profité pour légèrement modifier l'apparence du site (vitesse de défilement, sections plus visible, légendes des photos...). D'ailleurs si vous avez des avis sur la question, ils sont les bienvenues ! :)


"He is now writing in french?" you might say when reading these lines (if you read them ^_^). Yep, I decided to make some adjustments after asking to my friends what they were objectively thinking about my website. The first thing that came out was the language I was using.

When I launch this blog, I wanted to address as much people as possible: that's why I decided to write it in english, even if it's not my native language. After the poll, I changed my mind. So I'll try to write in both french and englsih and see if this format is satisfying (for me as I'll have to take time to write twice but also to you my current and future readers).

I seize the occasion to change a bit the site's layout. If you have any advice, feel free to speak! :)


Adobe Lightroom mobile

Well I'm no pro but like a lot of people (and especially photographers), I like to travel light when all my gear is not required. This also mean I would leave my computer/laptop at home.  

The good news is that Adobe released their brand new tool for photographers: Lightroom mobile. The idea is to free us from our huge and heavy computer (do the MacBook Air part to if? ^_^) and to allow us to edit and share our work still when we're out or abroad.  

This is a great and long awaited idea. But from my point of view Lightroom mobile is too limited to be as useful as I thought when I first saw it. Although we can edit our RAW files (adjust white balance or contrast, add some B&W effects or crop or photos) what we can't do (for now) is use our presets. And this is one of the big strength of the application that I miss a lot. I use presets a lot as they allow me to speed up my post-processing workflow. 

For my use, Lr mobile is just useful to select the keepers from a shot session, create collections, see EXIF data and so on. But another app can do the same and it's called Photosmith ( The downside of Photosmith compared to Lr mobile is the automatic import from your mobile device to your desktop catalog. But all in all, they are very similar. And Photosmith has a little advantage as keywording can be used!

To use Lightroom mobile, you have to subscribe to the Adobe CC program for photographers (12,29€/month) whereas the Photosmith app costs 17,99€ but you own it like forever. 

I own both: I do prefer the Lr mobile user interface but in terms of features, Phitosmith is more than capable and just what I need.  

what is your choice for going mobile? 

Take a training!

This is maybe the second best thing I've done (the first was practicing in real world shooting).  

Although the Internet is full of websites, blogs, YouTube channels giving you great advice, bringing you awesome tutorials and explain you everything about the technique, I think having a real world course worth it.

Why? First because we don't have always the time to practice on areas that matters most to us. Thanks to a class training, we can touch and learn a lot more about subjects that we want to grow into. Second because we can put in practice what we "learned" by ourselves watching and reading the Internet. And even more, we can be coached and corrected about things we did not understand or misunderstand. And last but not least we have the opportunity to confront ourselves to others and to share our experiences. 

I did follow a studio photo initiation workshop in Geneva in January and it was great! We were a small group with different level, experiences and expectations. We had the opportunity to learn about studio flashes/strobes and directing a model. All of that seems really easy when looking a video but in real world it's really challenging. If you're not used to it, you got to give the most out of yourself to make a nice shot (that's what we're looking for at first :-)).

I learned a lot and now I really try to apply what I've learned during this course. And I plan to register to another one asap. 

So, what will be your next training? 


2014: my resolutions

You may think that's it's a bit late I think about resolution.

To be honest I already thought about it. And as I don't have the time to invest into photography as I'd like to, I just decided to accept and try any demand, job, opportunity that I may encounter. 

I'll post other stories about what I've already shot this year, how it happened, how I dealt with it and what I've learn thanks to these experiences. 

So stay tuned, I will begin soon! 



Hello World!

Yep, this is a classic way to say "Hi" to the community. But I consider myself as a classical man. 

I began photography when my daughter was born (who said classic? ^_^). So most of my work is about her and my family. But I found myself more and more attracted by sport photography (especially basketball) and portrait photography (speedlites, triggers, strobist and all that stuff... ).  

So here I am writing my first post on my first blog of my new (and 1st) website. I already had blogs on other platforms but I wanted something more: I wanted a place where I could showcase my pictures and write about my photographic journey all in the same place. That's how I ended up here telling you my story.  

I'll try to provide you with things I find interesting for beginners and hobbyist regarding gear, software tips and tricks, my shooting setups and personal thoughts about photography along my education journey. 

For the record I'm no pro, just an enthusiast photographer who wants to share and improve my skills. 

I hope you will enjoy my photos and the information I'll share on this blog! :-)