Hello World!

Yep, this is a classic way to say "Hi" to the community. But I consider myself as a classical man. 

I began photography when my daughter was born (who said classic? ^_^). So most of my work is about her and my family. But I found myself more and more attracted by sport photography (especially basketball) and portrait photography (speedlites, triggers, strobist and all that stuff... ).  

So here I am writing my first post on my first blog of my new (and 1st) website. I already had blogs on other platforms but I wanted something more: I wanted a place where I could showcase my pictures and write about my photographic journey all in the same place. That's how I ended up here telling you my story.  

I'll try to provide you with things I find interesting for beginners and hobbyist regarding gear, software tips and tricks, my shooting setups and personal thoughts about photography along my education journey. 

For the record I'm no pro, just an enthusiast photographer who wants to share and improve my skills. 

I hope you will enjoy my photos and the information I'll share on this blog! :-)