Adobe Lightroom mobile

Well I'm no pro but like a lot of people (and especially photographers), I like to travel light when all my gear is not required. This also mean I would leave my computer/laptop at home.  

The good news is that Adobe released their brand new tool for photographers: Lightroom mobile. The idea is to free us from our huge and heavy computer (do the MacBook Air part to if? ^_^) and to allow us to edit and share our work still when we're out or abroad.  

This is a great and long awaited idea. But from my point of view Lightroom mobile is too limited to be as useful as I thought when I first saw it. Although we can edit our RAW files (adjust white balance or contrast, add some B&W effects or crop or photos) what we can't do (for now) is use our presets. And this is one of the big strength of the application that I miss a lot. I use presets a lot as they allow me to speed up my post-processing workflow. 

For my use, Lr mobile is just useful to select the keepers from a shot session, create collections, see EXIF data and so on. But another app can do the same and it's called Photosmith ( The downside of Photosmith compared to Lr mobile is the automatic import from your mobile device to your desktop catalog. But all in all, they are very similar. And Photosmith has a little advantage as keywording can be used!

To use Lightroom mobile, you have to subscribe to the Adobe CC program for photographers (12,29€/month) whereas the Photosmith app costs 17,99€ but you own it like forever. 

I own both: I do prefer the Lr mobile user interface but in terms of features, Phitosmith is more than capable and just what I need.  

what is your choice for going mobile?