Take a training!

This is maybe the second best thing I've done (the first was practicing in real world shooting).  

Although the Internet is full of websites, blogs, YouTube channels giving you great advice, bringing you awesome tutorials and explain you everything about the technique, I think having a real world course worth it.

Why? First because we don't have always the time to practice on areas that matters most to us. Thanks to a class training, we can touch and learn a lot more about subjects that we want to grow into. Second because we can put in practice what we "learned" by ourselves watching and reading the Internet. And even more, we can be coached and corrected about things we did not understand or misunderstand. And last but not least we have the opportunity to confront ourselves to others and to share our experiences. 

I did follow a studio photo initiation workshop in Geneva in January and it was great! We were a small group with different level, experiences and expectations. We had the opportunity to learn about studio flashes/strobes and directing a model. All of that seems really easy when looking a video but in real world it's really challenging. If you're not used to it, you got to give the most out of yourself to make a nice shot (that's what we're looking for at first :-)).

I learned a lot and now I really try to apply what I've learned during this course. And I plan to register to another one asap. 

So, what will be your next training?