SLR Lounge Preset System: a workflow accelerator

As a hobbyist photographer, I want to spend more time to live and shoot instead of post-processing my shots all night long. And I found a way to do so with the SLR Lounge Preset System (

What this set of Lightroom presets does is accelerate my post-production workflow. Indeed, a lot of adjustments and effects are available in one click only: if I want to convert my image to black and white, if I want to add some grain or if the exposure is too dark, a simple click will give me the look I'm after. Thus, process an image will take me a couple of minutes instead of dozens. It works for me because there is some images I don't want to spend to much time processing (family/friends or vacation shots for example).

And when I really want to process an image in a specific and deeper way, the SLR Lounge Preset System gives me a working basis, something I can rely on to achieve the look I want to give to my image.

how it works:  once I imported my images and open the Develop module, I can choose between different styles you want to give to my photo. It's a kind of guideline as each step is numbered. 

Once I'm done with the style, I can adjust some settings like Exposure, Noise or Vignetting.The results can be really nice in minutes:

I can finish my work in Photoshop if needed. 

The other great thing about the SLR Lounge Preset System is that it comes with video tutorials about how to use it and how to configure and optimize Lightroom and its catalog. A set of pictures are also available so that every owner can practice. This one is awesome especially for those who are new to the software (but everyone can learn a lot from these videos anyway).

I find this tool really helpful for those who already know Lightroom but also for beginners: it allows them to check what adjustments have been made and this way they can try and inspire themselves with something new. 

I can only recommend you to have a look at it. :)